TS Home Improvement LLC

2016 Outdoor Ornamental Wall

We had a 20 foot long, 7 foot high outdoor ornamental garden wall.  See picture below. The support poles were all rotting and some of the lattice work was damaged.  But the wall seemed to still be in fairly good condition and beautiful in design.  We asked several builders about what to do and they all said just replace the wall.  So we went out and priced the replacement wall and got quotations for anywhere from $9,500 to $5,500 for materials and installation from two outdoor wall design companies in the area.  Finally, a friend recommended Tom.  Tom came and looked at the wall and said well "I can repair the wall paint it and bring it back to near original condition."  Well within less than two days Tom replaced the four wooden square support poles, repaired the wall lattice, and repainted the wall.  The total cost was $1,200.  We had a near new wall.  He was extremely neat and efficient in his work.  I can highly recommend him.


Cellar Addition

Recently my husband and I were faced with a dilemma, either renovate our basement or move. We are a family of five, three kids under the age of seven, and our small cape house was bursting at the seams. After long talks and switching our minds we decided the basement was the best option.

We did as most homeowners would do, contact multiple contractors to get quotes. As with any project some quotes came in too high or the contractor gave us bad vibes. Through a recommendation from a neighbor we contacted Tom Sarzynski from TS Home Improvement, LLC.

Tom was the perfect contractor for our project.  From the beginning, he gave us a detailed quote, outlined the project, and answered multiple questions.  Beyond being a master craftsman his greatest strength was for-seeing issues and finding appropriate solutions.  He is incredibly hard working, professional, friendly, clean, and trustworthy.

We now have a beautiful basement and space our family needs. Plus we were on the budget! How many renovations stories end with that statement!  If you have any upcoming projects keep please keep Tom in mind.

Colin and Jennifer


Summer 2015 Extensive Window Frame Repair 

Tom is an outstanding craftsman and very nice person.  I recommend him highly and plan to give him many more remodeling projects. Last fall we were repainting the entire exterior of our home. Painters noticed most large window and deck door frames were rotted. I called several carpenters and had a hard time finding one that was willing or able to repair them. Several suggested replacing the windows; they were concerned about breaking the window or damaging the siding! I then found Tom who shows up with a "Happy Face - Can Do" attitude!!!  Tom was able to repair and replace the rotten wood, reinforce the frames and made the size and shape of the new wood match all other windows perfectly. He worked with extreme precision to complete the job with excellence and meet our repair needs. My painters were amazed at his technical skill and the high quality of his work. Tom is meticulous around his work space and I noticed, maintains his tools and truck immaculate!  To me, this is a great indicator of his caring, attention to detail and wanting to do the very best job possible for his clients. I would hire him again in a heart beat...and...HIGHLY recommend "Happy Face - Can Do" Tom!!  


I am so happy to have had the good fortune to be introduced to Tomasz.  He has completed a variety of projects for me and each time I have been delighted with the results.  I have found Tomasz to be reliable and versatile with the eye of a perfectionist. Really a delight to work with.  I can depend on Tomasz and trust him to deliver what he says he will. I will always reach out to him first.  Here are some photos of his work on our Bathroom.



Winter 2013 Installed Wood Burning Stove
Received a Wood burning stove for Christmas; not a clue how it would be installed.  Tom  is extremely talented in whatever he does. . . .asked him within two days our stove was installed and is working perfectly.
2014 Tiled Kitchen Floor 
Tom’s  installation was next to perfect.  From the initial meeting Tom exceeds professionalism, he was on schedule, neatness exceeded and his quote was dead on.
2016 Extra Bedroom                        
Another bedroom was needed in our house. My husband told Tom his vision (I couldn’t see the vision) and within 2 ½ 
days the vision was a reality. . . Pleasantly
surprised.  He had a repeat performance.. ie., neatness, professionalism.


We contracted with Tom to build an overhang for over our front entry door.  Both my husband and I were very pleased with the quality of his work. His experience and expertise in constructing this overhang resulted in a very high quality finished product.  It dressed up the appearance of our home.  We have received a number of compliments from family and neighbors.  He is one of the very few contractors we have dealt with over the years that showed up when promised and finished in a timely manner. We would highly recommend him for any projects you may be contemplating. 

Diane & Al Hockenbeck